Doing Something Different: Casting a Line in Australian Waters

Many people travel to Australia with the sole aim of seeing a kangaroo in its natural habitat or pose in front of the Sidney Opera House. However, there is a lot more to Australia than that or diving near the Great Barrier Reef.

Fishing trips Melville Island is one of the more different touristy things you can do without being a cliché. It will be a completely new experience and if you have done it before, you can compare your experiences. There are plenty of companies and agencies that will happily book you a package that offers accommodation and food for you and your family/friends so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Appreciate Nature

One of the reasons why fishing trips Bathurst Island or any other place is so popular is because it gives an opportunity for people to appreciate nature. Even those who do not usually take walks in the park or hikes in mountains would be able to take part in this activity and enjoy it because they can watch the sport without taking part if they wish to. Many fishermen and women prefer this because it allows them to be at one with nature and sit quietly while they wait for a bite. Over time, they become great listeners and watchers.

Slow Down

Our bodies are not meant to run at full speed like most of us do in this mad rat race of a life. By working at maximum capacity almost all the time, we inadvertently burn out and cannot perform likewise anymore. In order to regain that energy and focus, and to prevent burn out in the future, we need to step away from our usual environments and relax. These kinds of activities are tailor-made to make sure that we do relax because they demand complete focus on the environment around us, in order to find out whether or not we have a bite, whether a larger animal has moved in on our territory etc.

Creating Awareness

Often when we take a vacation that is closely tied to nature (such as a hike) we become more aware of the importance of nature and of how necessary it is to protect it. Unlike taking a vacation in an urban setting or exploring ruins, nature reminds us of how much it gives humanity and how much we should give back. It gives us time for reflection, time to ponder. And it teaches us how nature is interwoven into our lives within the communities we live. By engaging in some activity that is so closely embedded in nature, we educate ourselves and those around us.

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