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The 10 questions you need to ask when venue hunting

While looking for the perfect location to host your next conference, you might realize that you are getting distracted by the smallest details. This can cause you to forget to focus on the more important aspects of the search. This leads to the meeting being less than the resounding success you wanted it to be. If it is your first time looking for a location, you are going to be under a lot of stress too. The most important thing to do is have a plan when moving forward with anything. For example, when you go to a prospective venue and talk to the manager there, you need to have a list of the requirements you have for the place. This makes it possible for you to ask the right questions and actually get a place that will benefit you and your company. There are some questions you absolutely need to ask.

Think of the Three A’s

When searching for a conference room hire Geelong, you need to check on availability, accessibility, and accommodation. First, ask if the venue is able to provide you with the right meeting rooms, equipment for your AV needs, and other essentials. Check if there are shuttle services provided by the venue or nearby that will carry your guests from the train stations, bus stations and airports to your location and back again. Look for the right amount of parking and a good sized parking lot as well. finally, you have to focus on accommodation. Some conferences last for a couple of days or even more. You need to make sure that the guests are properly stationed on location, whether it is at the venue or a good hotel nearby.

Atmosphere, Size and Facilities

Conference room hire Geelong isn’t easy with a number of options available. Think about the theme of your conference, and select a space that goes with that theme. This will allow your attendees to be happy about the way the conference feels to them. Don’t try to cut costs by hiring an outdated, ancient place that gives off a weird atmosphere. The space also needs to be large enough to seat all of the people who are going to be in attendance and has to be big enough to allow them to socialize during the breaks between meetings and sessions.

A ballroom, break rooms and even restaurants on location will be insanely useful to keep your guests entertained. Ask the right questions to have a great meeting!

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